Every day spending power to be a forge, to be a brand. Gironacci is a lab in which men and women work hard to realize project. Brand because our work come from an idea. Our mission in to invest in Made in Italy, that meaning made products which have style and quality. We haven’t a market goal, so we would like to see people happy to wear our creations. That’s an old story for us: since 1976 we grow up every day learning by our work, by our artisans, by our customer and all that we know spend it to create a beautiful reality, in a beautiful country, for happy people. We have a wish: became a brand that help Made in Italy to stay at top levels in a fashion and quality world. We would that every person wear our creations recognize pleasure to touch something about Italian artisanal art.



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Roberto Gironacci (Sales Manager)
tel: +39 366 692 0630 (only Whatsapp)

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