Jamica snc, MASI’s family company, after a long experience as manufacturer of leather goods for the main Italian fashion brands, famous all over the world, during the 80’s and 90’s, decided during the year 1999 to create the MARCO MASI brand, which is the name of the youngest man of the family.

This brand was presented at Mipel 99 -The bagshow-, and It’s still present.

MARCO MASI bags are soft, lightweight, easy-to-use, realized with made Made in Italy materials.

Our bags are thought and inspired by Milan, the main Italian fashion city, which is the headquarters of the company and where the MASI’s family were born, live and work.

The choices of Materials, Colors, Shapes of MARCO MASI’s bags follow market trends, but with a clear personal imprint.

Our philosophy remains to keep alive the quality of Italian artisan production, adapting it to the continuous market changes.

Have fun!



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BAG 3102/ Vitello Nero - Rafia Ape

3102 is a bucket bag crafted by Marco Masi in Milan. Made of Vitello Leather Calf and Rafia Ape, this bag draw focus when paired with no-frills outfits. Let this bag add the style you are looking for.

Height: 18 cm.
Width: 13 cm.
Depth: 13 cm .

BAG 3250/ Nappa Frange

Small Nappa bag with closure by the strap and fringes on the end.

BAG 3142/ Nappa Laminato Oro 004

Bag with spring closure, with a long shoulder strap.

BAG 3089/ Canvas 05 - Dollaro 17

Canvas bag with dollar details, very light.

BAG 3236/ Island Rafia 141-Vitello Leather Calf

Unlined straw bag with calfskin details.

BAG 3236/ Rafia Siena 148-Vitello Leather Calf

Siena Raffia bag with lace closure and calfskin handle.

BAG 3186/ Ombolo Oro

BAG 3088/ Ombolo

Bag with magnetic closure.

BAG 3106/ Festo Dollaro 55

Dollaro Shopping bag with fancy designs at the top.

BAG 2484 Frange Suede 0404

Comfortable Suede bag with fringes sewn on the sides.

BAG 3256/ Rafia Ape - Vitello Leather Calf

Shopping bag with a straw bottom Ape and two comfortable calfskin pockets at the top.


Nappa bag inserted in a Mesh bag with calfskin handles.

BAG 3214/ Nappa Cobalto

Nappa shoulder bag with fringes on the sides. Magnetic closure.

BAG 3246/ Slang Roccia

The traditional Pisolo in Slang Roccia by Marco Masi with a reinterpretation of the handle.

BAG 3250/ Nappa Nero

Small Nappa bag with closure by the strap.

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